LQFS welcomes emerging, new, and established queer fashion designers to have the opportunity to show their collection. Designers who have part collections are also welcome if you are in the process of production. We have a requirement of 10 complete outfits are needed to be shown on the catwalk.


The exclusive launch of LQFS “The Space" selling floor will open this September 2019
and sit within the same space and time as the Catwalk show. The Space is launching in response to the influx of amazing designers applying to LQFS.

Some of our designers are producing amazing jewellery, queer products or have ready to sell apparel wear. Not all Queer fashion brand produce a full collection which is a
requirement of the catwalk show, so why not be part of The Space selling floor.
This will give you as a designer the opportunity to sell directly to our community or to
network with industry that wishes to view products.


So if you have a full collection, a T-Shirt brand or you are the best in binders, bring them
to the LQFS selling floor. Network, connect and promote your brand through LQFS

The Space.