As a model in the London Queer Fashion Show (LQFS) held on 20th September, 2019 I acknowledge that I will be held accountable for my actions. By signing this contract, I agree to the following things:

I am modeling solely on a volunteer basis. I am not being compensated for my time through money or clothing.

I agree to be present at the venue location in association with the call sheet provided.

V&A Museum of childhood

Cambridge Heath Road

London E2 9PA

I have agreed to attend all mandatory workshops, fittings and rehearsals.

a. At the fittings/rehearsals I acknowledge that I will be a representative of the London Queer Fashion Show, and will act accordingly.

b. If I have trouble getting to the location the day of a rehearsal, I will contact Aisha Shaibu at aisha@londonqueerfashionshow.com and find other arrangements.

c. I will wear the outfit I have been assigned. If prior confirmation is needed on the garments this can be confirmed by aisha@londonqueerfashionshow.com

d. I will arrive on time and be at my designated space on time throughout the day/evening of the event.

I will treat the items that I am modeling with the utmost respect. I will be responsible for my outfit from the time I check out the items to the time I check them back in. If I notice anything wrong with the clothing at any time (stain, rip, loose button, etc.), I will alert the designer or LQFS Staff immediately.

a. I will not bring any food or beverage that may stain the clothing into the fashion show area or backstage.

b. Once dressed I will not leave back stage or catwalk area.

I have agreed to be present for at least 1 rehearsal if requested at the time provided and will stay until the session ends. I will also be available the day of for a rehearsal before the show with hair/makeup/dress if requested.

a. If I am unable to make any meetings or rehearsals, I have made special arrangements with authorisation by Aisha Shaibu or Lucy London (LQFS Creative Director)

I give permission to have my photo taken and video footage during the event. This content will be used on websites, videos, literature, and news releases, etc.

Drugs and alcohol policy; the use of drugs or consumption of alcohol during the show is strictly prohibited. LQFS will not allow models to participate in the show under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We have the right to withdraw you as our model, if we are unable to find suitable garments for you before the show and in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

I agree to having my hair and makeup done by the professional team assigned by LQFS. As a model I will not be doing any of my own hair or makeup, unless prior agreement has been granted in writing between LQFS Creative Director lucy@londonqueerfashionshow.com and head of hair and Make - up. This includes eyelashes and any other makeup use.

I understand while I am at the show and backstage this area is for contracted models, designers and other LQFS staff members only. All access to backstage will be authorised by Lucy London (LQFS Creative Director)

This contract will be valid once you received an email confirmation that you have been selected as our LQFS model of 2019

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your support

London Queer Fashion Show

Model Agreement

& Rules